Langton With Old Woodhall, St Margaret

All the details, opening times etc., below are specific to this year’s Festival weekend that is now finished. Put next year’s date in your diary – Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018.

St Margaret’s, a small greenstone Church, was once a larger building, but restoration in 1750 and 1891 left it as we see it today.  There has been a Church on this site since 12th Century, the first account of the Parish being in The Doomsday Book.

There is now only a small Nave and Chancel but evidence of a North Aisle can be seen in the form of two arches and pillars.

This is a popular and innovative village Church with a regular service. Well worth a visit.

Postcode: LN9 5JT

Opening Times:

Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday 11am–5pm

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